My artwork for the group show ‘MELISSA’
‘We are alive inside your wife’ H700mm x W1000mm

I will take part in a King Diamond/Mercyful Fate themed art group show “MELISSA” which will be at The Hill Street Country Club  from March 12th.
Thank you for asking me to be a part of it BB Bastidas Riley Hawk , I will be there the opening day 11th of March.
Proper legends in the show Fos, Eric Dressen, Jay Howell ,French, Todd Bratrud, MOUSE and many more…
今月12日からカリフォルニアはオーシャンサイドの The Hill Street Country Club でメタルバンド、King Diamond/Mercyful Fateをテーマに行われるグループ展、”MELISSA”に参加します。 BB Bastidasと トニーホークの息子であるRiley Hawk が主体となって、独自に選んだ世界中のアーティスト20人ほどによるグループ展です
参加者は HeroinFos、Eric Dressen, FrenchJay HowellTodd BratrudMOUSE などなど尊敬する本物のレジェンドばかり、本当に楽しみです

Group art show,”MELISSA” inspired by one of heavy metal’s most influential artists of the past 30 years: King Diamond and Mercyl Fate, themed artworks curated by 21 BB Bastidas and Riley Hawk.

Artist: Porous Walker, Sarah Spinks, Matt Mc Cormick, Erik Dressen, FOS, French, Jay Howell, Todd Bratrud, David the Robot, Hirotton, Tanner Ramsey, Spencer Ramsey, JT Rhoades, Mouse, Mike Santa Fe, Milford, Chad Spinks, Louis Slater, Riley Hawk, BB Bastidas, Russ Pope, Richie Belton, Blake Wenli, Sketchy Tank, Derek Albeck, Lizard King, Chase Hartman and Rachel Harris.

OPEN RECEPTION : Saturday, March 12th at 7:00pm – 10: 00pm

BB bastidas

Riley Hawk

Eric Dressen


Jay Howell


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