I drew this logo for new bar/restaurant called ‘WOLF CALL’, it will open on Aug in Tokyo Nakameguro
中目黒に新しくopenする創作キッチン酒場’WOLF CALL’のlogoと店内の壁を描きました
東京都世田谷区池尻2-34-12 シンエイ池尻ビル2F

I also painted on the wall of the restaurant, took almost 10hours all together

I found this photographs at the place. Craig, Jake, Carl, Casper….Loads of friends was inside the book, I was accidentally wearing ROADKILL t-shirt today, crazy! I miss all london brothers
今日たまたまそこで見つけたこの写真集、Craig, Jake, Carl, Casper….などなどロンドンの友達ばかりが載っていました、やばい

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