I had an exhi at .T.F.R. in oceaNSide last Fri
Thanks to BB, .T.F.R. gallery, NS crew, Osaka daggers , KR3W and  lots of people who came the night!
カリフォルニアのオーシャンサイドで友達の BBとartshowをしました
来てくれた皆、協力してくれた.T.F.R. gallery, NS crew, Osaka daggers , KR3Wに大きな感謝

BB x Hirotton combo painting
This dude red shirt is real daggers crew

and some random pictures that I took in oceaNSide
I had so much fun, thanks everyone I met there and Huge thanks to my homie BB Bastidas for taking me to many places
you need to come to Japan next, keep in touch
I will leave here tmrw and for LA

MOUSE‘s great warehouse
me, Mouse and BB painted for bb’s film called “Joseph”
BBが今創っているfilm “Joseph”の手伝いのためにHirotton,Mouse,BBで共同painting
BB and his painting


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