One of the my crazy friends called Sam bird.
Is makin a film, he’s shootin and editin it himself. The films amazin and I love it.
Sam is aiso a skateholic, so of course he makin skatefilm aswell.
I’ll introduce his new film, it’s called “Mans Best Fiend” Its become one of my favorite films![youtube=]
U should check it out.
And he is also thinkin bout goin to Japan, so he can teach English at Osaka, Kyoto sumwhere mayb next year. Thats raaaad, isnt it?
So if u discover him in JAPAN, u should skate together! R u ready?
His face looks like this. U shoud remember it.
n actually his voice is really similer to the cheif Jamie oliver!

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  1. Nenad より:

    hahah since when does sam speak German? play the clip 🙂
    the stencil/painting is really sick…I said that before tho…
    cheers mate

  2. Yuya より: cheeky. I love sammy bird brain. He is in the next now.

  3. yuya より:

    I played clip and then speaking German.haha. Sam should talk German.and high voice!!!

  4. HIROTTON より:

    Shit! Guys I jst changed clip. Sam is proper English! haha, Nenad! Thanks, Ill keep makin artworks. Wen u gonna cum back to London? Yuya! Yh I hope he can speak German, like that.

  5. Nenad より:

    I don't know, hopefully in a few months.. I really want to be there.. much better than where I am now.. even though I'm home… :/

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