Ive been quite busy recently
I moved to Tokyo and setting up my new studio

I got desk finally so I could start drawing and painting again

few new long sleeve t’s are available at Youth(Fukuoka Japan)
何枚かのlong sleeve t-shirtsが福岡Youthで販売中なのと

new short sleeve t’s are available on my online store
何枚かのshort sleeve t-shirtsがPARADOXのONLINE STOREで販売しています

and some new drawing in progress
そして何枚かのdrawingがin progressです

The Maxiemillion (from Italy) introduced CONFUSION MAGAZINEand my drawing.
イタリアのサブカルチャーマガジンThe MaxiemillionCONFUSION MAGAZINEPARADOXのdrawing を紹介してくれて

and Japanese punk pins company ‘REALIZE’ introduced my pins

Thanks for all your supporting!! Im so stoked!


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  1. Hirotton from Paradox is da man!

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