NINE TAILS TATOOのOPENING PARTYを手伝わさせてもらいました。名前の通り「九尾の狐」から名前をとっていて、kanaeさんとmieさんが立ち上げた日本人のtatoo shopです。この2人と仲がよかったため、今回手伝わさせてもらったんですが、日本人でlondonにtatoo shopをオープンさせた人はいなく、もともと日本人のtatoo artistがロンドンにあんまいないんですが、ここが唯一のJapanese tatoo shop in londonのようです。すごいことだと思います。こうやって日本人であることに誇りをもてる場に呼んでもらって、ありがとうございます! Opening partyにはもともとの客やほかの店のartistなどかなり多くの人が来てくれて、大成功。場所もいいし、2人はかなりおもしろいのでぜひ行ってみては!

I helped with NINE TAILS TATOO‘s opening party. The name “NINE TAILS TATOO” is taken from and old Japanese folklore tale about the Nine Tailed Fox (kyu-bi-ko). According to folklore, these mythical creatures may have up to nine tails. Once a fox has gained nine tails, its fur becomes white, gold or silver, and gains magical abilities such as infinite vision and shape-shifting. My friends Kanae is owner n Mie opened the shop.
This is the first place in london that a Japanese tatoo shop has opened. I think thats quite big things, I felt proud of to be Japanese when I was helping them.
Loads of people came for party that were client, tatoo artist and neighbor’s. Nice place n Kanae n Mie r super nice guys, so drop by sometime! well stocked!

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