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I was going to SF after LA but I realized actually I don’t have enough time for SF,
I had to leave from Portland 2days later so I went to Portland from LA straight away
just I actually like CA a lot I spent time there more than I expected, I will visit SF next time for sure
so heres some pics from portland, I liked there a lot too
I wanna move to America one day,  could someone give me a visa? haha

RAD pizza Restaurant near burnside skatepark
I ate “D-BEAT” taste amazing
Burnside skatepark
I love this shop called “PAXTON GATE”
I bought these real goat skull, turtle shell and pheasant feather from there
some sick books
street DIY spot
and I came back to tokyo last night, these are all I got from this trip, thanks everyone who I met, I will be back soon defo

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I came to LA from oceaNSide and stayed there for few days オーシャンサイドから列車にのりLAにやってきました

Fos’s artwork
BB’s artwork is everywhere in LA coz he is a legend
street spot
Fos(Heroin skateboarding) とAnaiah (THE BOTS)に合うためにBakerboysのware houseに行きました、久しぶりのFOS, 元気そうでした
更にそのware house内にあるskateparkにひとつ画を描かせてもらいました
I came to Bakerboys ware house for hanging out with these guys!
Fos(Heroin skateboarding) and Anaiah (THE BOTS)
and I drew this big samurai skull on the wall of  Bakerboys ware house
Thanks FOS
The last night of LA I went to EXCEL’s gig
it was great show, they were still goin strong
Epitaph’s office

 Thanks for taking care of me TKO, if you wanna get tattoo in LA, you should ask him


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I had an exhi at .T.F.R. in oceaNSide last Fri
Thanks to BB, .T.F.R. gallery, NS crew, Osaka daggers , KR3W and  lots of people who came the night!
カリフォルニアのオーシャンサイドで友達の BBとartshowをしました
来てくれた皆、協力してくれた.T.F.R. gallery, NS crew, Osaka daggers , KR3Wに大きな感謝

BB x Hirotton combo painting
This dude red shirt is real daggers crew

and some random pictures that I took in oceaNSide
I had so much fun, thanks everyone I met there and Huge thanks to my homie BB Bastidas for taking me to many places
you need to come to Japan next, keep in touch
I will leave here tmrw and for LA

MOUSE‘s great warehouse
me, Mouse and BB painted for bb’s film called “Joseph”
BBが今創っているfilm “Joseph”の手伝いのためにHirotton,Mouse,BBで共同painting
BB and his painting


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I just got these RAD from Daisuke last night, Thanks BLAST SKATES
Check them out if you don’t know

100% NOOBS from BLAST SKATES on Vimeo.

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I drew this design for Japanese musician “LOW IQ 01”s 15th anniversary,
He used to be in a band called “SUPER STUPID”, I still watch video of them gig in 1997,
now he is using my design for the backdrop, t-shirts, stickers, CD……
Well stoked! Thanks Ichi kun!
“LOW IQ 01”の15周年のためにデザインを描かせてもらいました
彼がもともといたバンド”SUPER STUPID”のair jam 97の映像は高校生の時から見ていたので

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