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Skate clothing company HOAX asked me to draw something so I drew this “Under the Nuclear Reign” for them. They gonna print t-shirts of this design soon….

Hoax is a skate clothing company founded in California. USA skate team: Frank Shaw, Nolan Johnson, Skreech, Chris Russell, Richard Kirby, Adam Benson.
To show the world that you can’t believe everything you are told. Question authority. Question everything. Learn to think for yourself. Don’t believe the Hoax we see everyday in our lives. If you don’t like the way things are done, then do it yourself.
Company Overview
Hoax is about the government feeding you lies, all the BULLSHIT in the world that is spoon fed to you since you are a little kid: religion, racism, social constructs for how you are supposed to act, nice car, fancy watch, suit and tie job, go to church, kiss the cross, LIES, FEARS, what society does to you to imprison you to do what they want to do… it’s all just a Hoax! Be free. Be yourself. Question authority. Question anything that seems to not make sense. Don’t believe the hype and don’t be deceived.

Available at core-skate shops world wide….soon.

Skate Team (usa): Skreech, Chris Russell, Nolan Johnson, Jeremy Smith, Frank Shaw, Richard Kirby, Adam Benson, Dan Robinson.

Skate Team (international): Kevin Wenzke (Germany), Pär Magnusson (Sweden), Jason Parkes (Germany/USA), Tim Bijsterveld (Netherlands), Jose Noro (Spain), Jake Snelling (England), Andreas “Snoken” Lindstrom (Sweden), Koekie (Belgium), Iain Young (Scotland), Narciso Afonso (Portugal) Tony Chavez (Australia).

Flow Team: Linus Rösell (Sweden), Max Shrädder (Germany), Yoeri Vromans (Belgium)

カリフォルニアを拠点とするSkate clothing company “HOAX” の依頼で”Under the Nuclear Reign”を描きました
“Under the Nuclear Reign”(核支配の下で)Reign(支配)をRain(雨)とかけています
在籍するスケーターもNolan Johnsonや友達のJake Snellingなどパンクスケーターが多め、近々t-shirtsになる予定、Stoked

Check this new short film , Jake and Craig, rad

Hoax Brit session in Malmö, Sweden with Jake Snelling, Iain Young and guest rider Craig Questions from HOAX TV on Vimeo.

Nolan Johnson

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Some of my friends started band “NEIGHBORS” recently and I drew some logos and the flyer for them first hardcore punk event “STREETWISE”, just come down to the show if you around Tokyo, I will get drunk and smash there.


and we skated at DIY spot around east Tokyo last wknd… it was so much fun…
いくつかの写真from先週末スケートセッション、had great time with bruv

I don’t really know who it is but this guy remind me that skate actually for fun

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大柴裕介くんと磯野勇くんのstudio “debolbe Studio&Warehouse”“blog”で紹介してもらっています。
また、debolbeのオンラインショップ“yett by debolbe”でPARADOXのt-shirtsの取り扱いも始まりました!Thanks a lot!!!

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Gonna print t-shirts soon


イギリスでは特に、映画This is Englandでも分かるように差別問題は古くから根付いていて、それを否定する人々も多いが、もちろん歴史に基づき肯定する人々も多いわけで現状、解決は不可能に近い

最近みたCASTE x Magentaの映像でスケーターが素晴らしいことを言っていてハッとした

おれの友人の一人にスキンヘッドの白人至上主義者の環境で育ったスケーターがいて、ナチスのマークを板に描いたことがきっかけでスケートカンパニーをクビになったやつがいるけど、そいつももちろんskaterというだけで黒人であろうと一緒に酒を飲むし、難しいことは何一つない。証拠にそいつのfavorite skaterはzaroshだ



表面の色は違うけど “WE’VE ALL GOT THE SAME COLOUR OF BONE” “芯の部分は、骨の色は全員同じ色なのだから”

PARADOX newデザイン “COLOUR OF BONE” T-shirts、2014年、橋の下世界音楽祭inside bound ブースにて発売開始予定

CASTE x Magenta – Part 02 from Caste Quality on Vimeo.

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